Kris Gethen

Kris Gethen is a widely acknowledged name to be the ultimate go-to person in the field of health and fitness industry. His transformation programmes have inspired many stories of transformation, which includes stories from celebrities like Hritik Roshan. In the Savoir Faire programme, Kris unveils incredible possibilities that can be achieved in just twelve weeks- the secrets of which unfolds in our daylong seminar designed especially for the busy, hard working corporate profile.

At the Savoir Faire, Mr. Kris Gethen shares his experience and knowledge on the topics mentioned below:

  • The importance of healthy life style
  • Maintaining your nutritional quota
  • How to incorporate fitness into a busy corporate lifestyle
  • Eating healthy and losing none of the taste
  • The fundamental and momentum phases of your fitness makeover
  • 20 minutes of cardio VS a lifetime of flab
  • Weight training- the secret ingredient