Image Enhancement

"Only you can make yourself happy"

An image of yourself is your identity which measures the parameters of your happiness or sadness throughout your life. So, it is only you who can make your life a fruitful one by building a strong and positive image. An image is like a mirror through which the denizens of the world are going to know you. It reflects your personality, nature, attributes and all the adjectives that describe you. If you portray a positive and strong image in front of the people then they will be more likely to identify you as an ideal and capable person.

Amidst this busy world, if you want to be an image icon then you need to groom your image. Craft your image in such a skillful way, so that everybody wants to be a part of your social circle. Your etiquette, your manners, your behavior and every other reflection of yours define yourself to the outside world. People get attracted to those who have the power to do so and remember those who lay a significant footprint in their mind.

Always be conscious about your surroundings and the circles you mix with. People will often judge by your surroundings -- -- -your professional or personal contacts. A person’s surroundings often influence his/her personality. So, when a child starts to grow up, a mother always tries to keep her offspring in a good and healthy surrounding. A pleasing surrounding automatically builds a person’s image in a better way.

Your way of thinking reflects in your image. So, it is always advisable to have a positive thinking. There are some ways which will help you change your negative thoughts and self-criticism to more realistic and positive ones.

    Some of the tips to build up a positive image:

  • Avoid exaggeration- Always think positive and speak positive. Your pessimism will reflect in your image. So, correct your internal voice especially when it exaggerates negative thoughts.
  • Evaluate your positivity- It is always better to evaluate yourself first than by others. Evaluate your strengths and assets. Sometimes, we are not aware of our own strengths. If we harness our strengths, we can shape ourselves in a sound way.
  • Accept your flaws- Don’t run away from your flaws. You are the best teacher to correct your own shortcomings. If you make a mistake in front of your boss, don’t get nervous and remain silent. Enquire about your mistakes and correct them accordingly. Running away from your faults will take you a thousand steps back instead of helping you progress.
  • Replace criticism with encouragement- Don’t just get criticized by yourself or by others. Replace those with encouragements. Erase phrases like “May be if I tried to do” or “It would have been better” from your dictionary and replace them with sentences like “I didn’t do that right.” Compliment yourself on what you have achieved and encourage yourself to achieve what you want to.