Our 10 Hours of Image transformation

In a world where beauty is abundant and everyday is a constant endeavour to become a better version of you. A well-groomed and polished person makes a good first impression on people he or she meets, be it in personal or professional world. When you are looking to go from drab to fab, our 10-hours image transformation session has the solution for you. This session will help you build your personal style and improve your style quotient while accentuating your charisma. Fitted around unique aspirations, we offer an intensive workshop that is tailor made with the aim of moulding you into a personification of style and grace.

Our 10-hour course includes:
1. Personal Consultancy session of 1.5 Hours covering:
  • Brief Colour Theory Tutorial
  • A customized colour analysis
  • Selecting your best colour palette
  • How to incorporate your colours into your wardrobe
  • Colour Psychology
  • A tutorial contrasting universal styles with fashion styles
  • Your personal style assessment
  • How to build a style
  • How and where to shop for your best styles in your area
  • Basic Grooming Tips
  • Basic Hair and Make up Suggestions
2. Personal shopping with a personal Stylist (if the budget allows) or a two hour session of window shopping with the stylist for the better understanding on future shopping spree.

3. A two Hour session of skin consultancy and treatment which will include consultancy and treatment.

4. A two hour session with a professional make-up artist on learning face structure, understanding best suited makeup and its application.

5. A two and a half hour session of Hair consultancy and transformation where the participant will be taken to best-chosen hair expert for consultancy and transformation which suits best to their complexion and face structure.

Duration: 10 Hour Session
Cost: Rs. 70000 plus taxes @14.5%