Young adult finishing programme (One Week)

8th July to 15th July 2017 

Age: 16 to 22years 

Venue: Trident Bkc Mumbai 

Day 1: 8th July 10 am to 4pm  
Fine Dining Etiquette 
Table manners 
Afternoon Tea Etiquette 
Second half: Career counselling 

Day 2: 9th July 10 am to 4pm  
Image and Style 
Personal grooming 
Visual Impact 
Credibility through dressing and grooming 
Second half: Makeup Training for girls 

Day 3: 10th 10 am to 4pm  
First Impression 
Body Language 
Workplace and social Civility
Social Media Etiquette
Telephonic Etiquette

Day 4: 11th July 
Art appreciation 
A day filled with Visits and explore renowned galleries and auction houses to understand and appreciate fine artist and their work which makes an interesting and appealing conversation with folks 

Day 5: 12th 10am to 4pm  
Communication Skills
Interview skills 
Presentation skills 

Day 6: 13th: 10 am to 4pm 
Social Etiquette 
Manners and relationship towards family and elders. 
Manners towards friends and acquaintance 
Manners to follow for international education 
Gifting with personal touch 
Hosting Etiquette 
The Power of Gratitude 
Personal Branding 

Day 7: 14th 10 am to 4pm  
Personal Shopping at the palladium luxury mall according to your image escorted by Principle Image Consultant and Makeup trainer. 
(Every candidate must buy at least one new piece of clothing for after transformation photoshoot) 

Day 8: 15th 11am to 6pm 

First half: Hair consultation and transformation by renowned celebrity hairstylist 

Second half: Post transformation Photoshoot 

Farewell Event and Certification organised by Savoir Faire Academie 

Investment per participant RS 1,15,000 inclusive of taxes.

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