Business Etiquettes Training in Mumbai - India

Business is not limited to the boardroom, but has moved way beyond it. Today, companies and relationships are ultimately built on an individual’s impressive communication capabilities. In a professional scenario you are faced with diverse situations where your every move is deciphered to determine your success.

As India opens its borders to trade and international investments, it is certain that influx of foreign clientele and overseas interactions will augment in the next few years. While the Make in India campaign provides impetus to global collaboration, it also beckons for personalities in the corporate world that can up the mantle and rise to the occasion.

Having established its expertise in social etiquette and networking, combined with interactive contemporary training methods and knowledge, we offer the most comprehensive corporate training programs conducted separately by national & international experts.

For your convenience the workshops are conducted at your company’s premises.

Training by Domestic Experts

  • Casting a First impression
  • Style and image presentation
  • Executive presence and gravitas
  • Developing professional relationship
  • Balancing formality with friendship
  • International etiquette & protocol
  • Networking skills
  • Good manners - Body language - Understanding faux pas
  • Client relationship management
  • Correct form of writing business correspondence
  • Corporate hosting skills
  • Formal dining etiquette
  • Corporate Gifting
  • RSVP etiquette

Training by International Experts

  • Teaching the ability to live well and intelligent enjoyment
  • How to create a good first impression
  • Deportment essentials
  • Good manners - Body language - Understanding faux pas
  • Travel smart - Travel etiquette
  • Dress code - Accessories care - Tie/scarves - Shoes - Handbags - Watch - Jewellery
  • How to introduce a chief guest
  • Hosting & Entertaining VVIP Guests
  • Entertaining VVIP Guests
  • Entertainment essentials
  • Corporate Gifting & RSVP etiquette
  • Meet and greet with special focus on international protocol
  • Addressing titled persons from different cultures
  • Discussing Money
  • Reticence & Self-deprecation
  • Politics/Religion or any sensitive topic discussion and how to avoid it
  • International Business relationship
  • Business etiquette for high end clients including VVIP, diplomats, ambassadors, consulate general; etc.
  • Offering gifts to VVIPs or politicians on business relationship
  • Networking VVIPs, government employees and diplomats