International Etiquette & Body Language Training

Decoding manners, characteristics, social occasions, and rituals is what the Workshops with International Experts aims at. The Savoir Faire Academie has curated and carefully designed this workshop to help inculcate confidence along with exploring the maximum potential of individuals. From dressing with panache for social gatherings to mastering the fine-dining decorum to ensuring appropriate body language for business networking, this workshop covers it all. Renowned experts from all around the world, namely, Philip Shykes, Gary Williams and more will help you unleash your suaveness and acquire the ultimate winning streak.

Some of the notable areas covered by this course are mentioned below:

  • Teaching the ability to live well and intelligent enjoyment
  • How to create a good first impression
  • Deportment essential
  • Elegance
  • Confidence
  • Good manners
  • Body Language
  • Understanding Faux Pas
  • Meet and greet with special focus on international protocol
  • Addressing titled personalities from different Cultures
  • Social corresponding
  • Discussing money
  • Reticence
  • Self-deprecation
  • Political discussion
  • Business etiquette with Diplomats and Government Officials
  • Offering gifts to VVIPs or Politicians on business relationship
  • Networking with VVIPs, Government Employees and Diplomats