Business Etiquette Training Course

In our highly competitive world, the only way to etch your splendor is through elegance and poise. Knowing and practicing proper etiquette in business is vital for business, entertainment and corporate environments. Knowledge isn’t the sole factor that is essential in succeeding. Our 9 hour session will aid in transform you and bring out the chic tycoon in you.

The Art of Networking:

  • Creating personal presence – Art of sitting, standing and walking.
  • Understanding the dynamics of Business Networking
  • Effective self introductions and greetings.
  • Small talk
  • Forms of address
  • Use of names and titles
  • Welcome topics of conversation
  • Topics to avoid
  • Key words and phrases
  • Personal questions
  • Appearance and public behaviour
  • Practice applying the networking technique in a simulated environment

Business Communication and Conversation Skills:

  • Enhancing verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • Pronunciation and speech
  • Modulate voice and gestures to churn up emotions.
  • Various exercises to polish enunciation and pronunciations of commonly mispronounced words
  • Interpersonal communication and rapport building
  • The power of words to strike casual conversations
  • Insights on quick rapport building
  • Understanding the importance of asking the right questions to get desired responses
  • Managing the verbal and non-verbal factors of communication
  • Barriers to communications
  • Effective listening
  • Constructive criticism
  • Modulating voice and gestures to churn up emotions in team members and subordinates.
  • Speaking with charm and leaving the listener enthralled, and inspired to take action.
  • Elevated speeches in different settings - Participants learn to introduce themselves in a short and concise manner and practice the art of formal self introductions in different situations.

Duration: 9 hours
Cost: Rs. 65,000/- Plus service tax @ 14.5%

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